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  • Listening to: Mixed Playlist.
  • Reading: Fantasia Arks Scripts and Wikis
  • Watching: ...various animes from Funimation.
  • Playing: Various Games. (Gotta stop playing so much.)
  • Eating: Corn Dogs, Mini-Pizzas, Mac and Cheese.
  • Drinking: Water & V8 Fusion. Occasional drink of Rum.
The Year of the Dragon has begun, and we're already 26 days in.

I have a lot of things on my plate, such as...

- Continuation of work on Fantasia Arks: The Phasmatis Crisis story script (Chapter 1 is complete).

- Searching for a 3D model artist who is experienced with organic art to create a 3D model of Na'amah, whose design is still incomplete. I have two hopes for this particular project: 1. To create a 3D-printed figure of Na'amah, and 2. To create a Skyrim Mod that features Na'amah as an end boss.

Na'amah - The Ophan of Darkness WIP by NKato

- Further development of the Fantasia Arks universe, including world and character concept design.

- Completing my Associate's in Fine Arts degree, with a side focus on A+ Certification.

- Getting started on building my portfolio.

- Completing my FAFSA for 2012-2013.

- And a bunch of other stuff.

So if anyone reading this can help me with any of the above, let me know via note or in the comments section. Any help at all would be fantastic, because I really need to start making some serious progress.

Komikino Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Keep yourself busy! :)
Going to any cons this year?
NKato Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Haven't decided. PAX for sure though.
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January 26, 2012


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